Treating Obesity

In treating obesity, you can apply many of the same principles that you would to any other disease, and that starts with taking it seriously.

Starting Treatment

Watch this video to learn more about the basic three-step approach to obesity treatment that Dr. Kaplan and his team developed at the Obesity, Metabolism, and Nutrition Institute (OMNI) at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Response to Treatment

Watch this video for Dr. Kaplan’s perspective on how the variability in how patients respond to available therapies has influenced the overall treatment strategy that he employes in his practice. To learn how to apply his obesity treatment algorithm, register for the self-paced online course, Time to Act on Obesity.

Two Key Treatment Principles

As you begin to establish an appropriate therapy for any given patient, keep in mind the two principles that Dr. Kaplan outlines in this video: (1) ensure that the patient’s weight is stable at the time a new therapy is introduced, and (2) make only one change at a time to a patient’s treatment plan.